Reference to customer – “you”

Reference to Dove Meadows – “the site”


Upon making a booking and paying a deposit you are entering a legally binding contract with Dove Meadows Campsite.

By making your booking or enquiry, you are agreeing to our site guidelines and providing us with information to contact you regarding your booking.

Our commitment to you is to reserve the pitch requested (ie: for a tent, van, with/without electric) but please note we do not reserve exact pitches by number.

Your commitment to us, is to pay your deposit as required and to let us know if you are unable to complete your commitment to arrive on site on the date requested. You are agreeing to vacate your pitch by 12 midday on the date of departure. Your dates are confirmed via email upon booking.


A non-refundable deposit will be requested at the time of booking. This is payable by bank transfer or by the sending of a cheque.

Deposits are £50 per booking, per week of stay. If the total is less than £50, full payment will be requested at the time of booking.

If the start date of the booking is within 14 days of the booking date, full payment will be requested.

If a deposit is paid, it will then be deducted from the total booking amount to be paid upon arrival.

By sending a deposit and making a booking, the customer is agreeing to the terms and conditions set out by Dove Meadows Campsite.

Deposits and payments must be received within 7 days after the booking request. One attempt to contact the customer will be made in the event of not receiving a deposit within the designated timeframe. If not contactable, the booking will be considered void, and cancelled.


Full remaining payment is required upon arrival unless your balance has already been settled.


If a customer wishes to cancel their holiday, they are not entitled to a refund on their deposit. Should they cancel within 7 days of their scheduled arrival time they will be liable to pay for their pitch, in the event we are not being able to resell the pitch. This is to cover the turn away of other business that would have been incurred by reserving a pitch for the cancelling customer.

If the site has to cancel a booking prior to arrival, a full reason will be provided, and a refund of the deposit will be actioned if appropriate.


Our pricing tariff is variable during the year, and upon guest requirements.

Chargeable extras are:

Extra Vehicles/Trailers

Extra Persons (older than 3)

Extra Tents *must remain within pitch*

Bookings for tents and caravans are inclusive of one car per pitch.

Bookings for one night stays may be liable to pay a singe night surcharge.


Bookings can only be made by a person over the age of 18.


We welcome minors to site, but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult, and groups of same sex adults or unaccompanied minors are not allowed.


We welcome dogs to site with a maximum of 3 dogs per pitch. We do not charge extra for dogs, but respectfully ask owners to keep dogs tethered whilst on site, and all toileting must be performed away from the site.

Noise disruption by dogs allowed to persistently bark or left unattended in vehicles during the day, will not be tolerated.


Check in is between 2pm, until 7pm. arrivals before this time may be asked to return at the appropriate time.

Customers must vacate their pitch and subsequently the site, by 12pm. No parking after this time.


We request that arrivals are on site by 7;00pm which is when the office closes. After this time, our wardens are on-call only.

The latest arrival time is 8;30pm, but we request that any persons needing to arrive after 7pm contact the office to arrange this.

We reserve the right to turn away arrivals after this time, regardless of any booking and deposit paid. (note: the customer has aggreged to our terms and conditions upon booking).

This rule is in place to protect our customers from disturbance caused by late pitching, and our wardens who close the office at 7:00pm.

The Site Gate will be closed at 9pm, customers who need vehicular access after this time may open and close the gate.

In an extenuating circumstance, the late arrival MUST contact the site for advice.



(By making a booking, the customer is reserving the requested type of pitch for the designated number of persons in their party. Visitors are allowed on site on the behest of the owners, and it is not an entitlement of the customer to welcome their own guests, and we ask our customers to let us know when they would like to welcome a visitor to site. We need to know persons on site for our fire regulations and safety procedures, therefore all guests must check in at reception upon arrival and sign in at the visitors’ book.

Visitors must leave the site by 10pm and adhere to our site guidelines, and the site reserves the right to ask visitors to leave at any time.

Visitors must park only in the pitch of the customer they have come to visit, not obstructing any other pitch. There is no additional parking for cars elsewhere on site.)

Having a visitor to site is not an entitlement of the booking customer.


We strongly recommend customers take out their own holiday insurance.


Dove Meadows is a quiet site, and the site owners and wardens reserve the right to ask noisy partners to reduce their noise, or to move on if necessary. Quite time is 10pm upon which a noise is deemed ‘too loud’ if it is of a nuisance to neighbouring pitches and could prevent another customer from peaceful sleep.

This time is also when we ask for all bbq’s and any other sources of ignition are ceased, and visitors are requested to be offsite.

If site rules regarding noise are broken, and parties are asked to leave a refund is only issued at the discretion of the site owners.


We make all our customers aware of the Site Guidelines before arrival (available on our website) and these are presented upon arrival. Non-compliance of site guidelines may result in being asked to leave the site.

The Floyd family along with our wardens wish all of our customers a happy and relaxed stay with us here at Dove Meadows. Our customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so please always ask us if you have any concerns or queries regarding your stay.

Booking enquiry

To enquire about availability, please call us on 01736 710854, email welcome@dovemeadows.co.uk or complete the form below and we will be in contact with you very shortly.

By making your booking or enquiry, you are agreeing to our site guidelines and terms and conditions and you are providing us with information to contact you regarding your booking.

Dove Meadows Touring Caravan Park
Green Lane West
Marazion TR17 0HH

Tel: 01736 710854


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This is a lovely level camp site in a great location, just a few minutes from the beach, an RSPB nature reserve and of course St Michael’s Mount