Customer Pre-Arrival Information

Dear Customer,

We are so pleased to be welcoming you to our site, but please take a few moments to read this information before your arrival.

Firstly and most importantly – IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL, DO NOT TRAVEL.

We want you to arrive to a relaxed and enjoyable holiday, however we find ourselves in this new and unknown situation and it is our duty both to yourselves and the greater community to put measures in place to keep everyone safe. We do not wish the site to feel policed or hostile, with overbearing reminders, so we hope you will find the measures, signage and advice we have put in place acceptable.

We have conducted a full risk assessment in line with government advice and guidelines which is available to you on our website, to reassure you of the measures we have taken to protect you.

Please bear in mind everything we are doing has been fully risk assessed and is in the spirit of goodwill. Please be kind and understanding as this is new and daunting for us! Dove Meadows is our home, and we are a private site.

Please take a few moments to read the following advice BEFORE you arrive on site.


Government Advice:

Please take some time to ensure all members of your party are up to date with government advice and Information.



When arriving on site please pull up to reception and wait in your vehicle.

You will find reception has been cleared to make the most available space to allow social distancing whilst you are checked in.

Please allow our warden to enter the office before you, and then please wait to be called into the office space. We have set up a system where our Warden will advise you of the best way to check in with the minimal amount of contact or exchange of items. Your checking in sheet will be filled out by the Wardens and any information sheets will be passed to you safely.

All contact items have been removed, but please do ask if you’d like information leaflets as these are still available. Our wardens have been provided with face masks, shields and gloves. Please don’t take offence – they will wear them for your and their own safety.

The office surfaces and contact items such as pens will be sanitised between customers.

Hand gel is available at numerous points around the site.

Social Distancing:

On 23rd June 2021 the Prime Minister announced that social distancing can be reduced to 1m where needed. We personally feel happier to keep social distancing to 2m on site please. This is to keep everyone safe and we very much appreciate your co-operation.

Enquiry Phone:

To minimise additional pedestrian traffic to the office, we have a dedicated phone line where you can call with your queries instead of coming to the office. This number is: 07761685266

It is for incoming calls only, so if we aren’t able to answer immediately, please wait a few moments and call again.

This is not for emergencies: the on call phone numbers are:

Jean: 07533120729

Shaun: 07846908440


There will be some changes to the way we can pitch you on site. Our guidelines state that all vehicles must reverse, however to allow outside space in line with social distancing we will need all awnings to be set up on the same side, therefore, some vehicles may need to drive into their pitch. We understand this is far from ideal, but please always bear in mind that these measures are for your safety.

Hook ups will be shown to you by the warden and you may plug in yourselves, unless you are pitched on an area where we have to use a long cable of our own, in which case, we will plug you in.


We are encouraging contactless payments where possible please. We now have a card machine and would encourage all customers to use this method of payment please.

You will still need to use 50p pieces for the showers, and where possible bring a supply with you. We will have them available at reception but we are trying to keep the area as clear as possible.


Regrettably, we are not allowing visitors to the site. We have had to make this decision for the safety of all of our customers. We have beautiful surroundings nearby – why not meet your friends on our lovely beach in Marazion!


We are aware that some of our customers are group bookings who like to socialise on site. May we politely remind you to please adhere to social distancing guidelines.


We love children and they are very welcome here on site, but the guidelines do apply with regard to ball games and cycling and we politely ask parents to be mindful of children playing with others.  We have a very young son on site and his, and your children’s safety is of paramount concern to us. Please be aware that THERE ARE NUMEROUS ITEMS OF DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES ACCESSIBLE TO CHILDREN. This is an issue that is unavoidable at this time, due to the need to provide adequate sanitation for our customers to use. Please supervise all children around these items.

(Ordinarily, chemical substances are locked and used only by the wardens.)


We are doing everything we can to make sure the site is safe for everyone to use and minimising as much contact as we can. Many sites have taken the decision not to open their facilities.

The most effective way of minimising risk during bathroom use, is not to use them!

After extensive thought, risk assessments and research we have decided we CAN open our facilities in a limited basis – however there are strict measures in place.

If you are in a motor-home and you have your own facilities, we politely insist upon you using your own onboard showers, loos and dish-washing facilities.

We have chosen to make our former men’s block a unisex facility and allocate it for the use ONLY by guests in tents, camper vans and those without onboard facilities. There are many reasons for this decision:

~Each unit is individually contained, ensuring privacy, gender separation and reducing contamination risk

~ Our ladies block has open stalls, and shared inside space. The risk of using this area for customer use is too high

~Social distancing measures can be enforced well in the space around men’s the block. Each door is visible from the outside so it is obvious that the space is in use or not

We will review this decision on a weekly basis and do reserve the right to politely remind customers of their appropriate usage.

We have strict cleaning measures in place, a cleaning schedule and checklist and evidence based practice from the COVID-19 Essentials: Infection Prevention & PPE course completed by all members of staff.

What will be open?

We have fully risk assessed the whole site and are pleased to say the following facilities are safe to use:

Chemical waste disposal points

Outside cold water drinking taps

Dishwashing shed with hot water

All electric hook up points

Shower and Loo’s for CAMPERS and CAMPER VANS ONLY

Phone Charging and Freezer use:

We will still try our best to provide all the services you are used to here at Dove Meadows, although some things are logistically tricky! We have set up a system as to how we can charge phones and freeze ice packs safely. Please attend reception and follow the instructions given to you by the warden on duty.


Only one person or household to be using the bins at any one time please. A marker is provided as a social distanced waiting point.

Your responsibilities:

You are responsible for your own social distancing measures. It would be advisable to travel with any items you feel are useful to keep yourselves safe. These would include hand sanitiser gels, small bottles of liquid soap and portable water bottles so that you can wash your hands while out and about if you cannot find a wash basin. We have supplied our staff with PPE but do not have any for sale, or for our customers to use. Please bring your own PPE if you wish to use them.

The following statement is from Visit England:

·        ” If you or anyone you live with feels unwell with Covid-19 symptoms – don’t travel – stay at home and get a test. You must not leave your home for any reason. For stay at home guidance visit

·         Your accommodation provider can refuse your stay if you are showing Covid-19 symptoms on arrival.

·         Have a plan in case you get ill while away – especially if you are travelling on public transport and need to get home quickly.

·         Remember to pack hand sanitiser and face coverings and any medication you may need plus your own GP details. “

Travel Insurance:

We strongly advise all customers to take out suitable travel insurance BEFORE leaving home.

What we’ve provided:

Extra and extensive cleaning

Sanitiser gels for use ON SITE (please do not take them with you, or refill from them)

Sanitiser spray for customers to use in and around the facilities

Outside hand washing provisions (to reduce need to visit the loo blocks)

PPE for our staff to protect them and you

Social distancing markers and waiting points

A dedicated enquiry line

All members of staff have completed the online training set out and governed by Virtual College

In: An Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control

Become certified by VisitBritain with the ‘Good To Go’  Industry Standard approval scheme for Hospitality Industries


We are delighted to have you to our site and can’t wait to feel some sense of normality. However, please do remember that things are far from ‘normal’. Shops and restaurants all have various measures in place, queues can be long. Cornwall is home for a lot of people, who may feel overwhelmed when travel restrictions are lifted, and people can travel into Cornwall. Please be kind, please be mindful, please be sensible and understanding. We are relying on the common sense and co-operation of all of our customers at this time.

Dove Meadows is our family home, and we have a young son. His safety is our primary concern, so please don’t be offended if we are not able to be as social as we usually would be.

Lastly we ask you to ….. ENJOY YOUR STAY! You are here to enjoy yourselves and we’ve all been under a lot of pressure and uncertainty whilst in lock-down. So please, while adhering to the government guidance, go forth and have fun, we all need some!

Our very best wishes,

The Dove Meadows Team

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Nice clean site with large pitches, easy walk to Marazion and the mount, long beach and nice shops in the town.